Your measurement instruments must become intuitive and user-friendly like all the multimedia products in your daily life. We offer creations or developments for your equipment to bring it up to date.

GERAL integrates solutions into your devices to facilitate their use: Highly reactive graphic HMI, more modern packaging, ergonomic menu, etc.

We implement processing power comparable with that of your tablet with your industrial constraints.

The technologies implemented allow the creation of compact, effective solutions in terms of both the smooth operation and reactivity of the operator interface and the real-time computing power.

The function boards specific to your application are connected to the graphic communicating modules by a distributed architecture (fieldbus) allowing you great flexibility in the configuration of your equipment.

Some examples of our expertise:

SOM module
  • Multi-core CPU
  • DSP
  • 2D and 3D graphic accelerator
  • 1080P video decoding
  • MP3 audio controller
  • Gigabit communication
  • PCI Express communication
Carrier module
  • Power supplies
  • Screen and touch pad connectivity
  • CAN + SPI real-time connectivity to function boards
Function cards with local intelligence
  • 32-bit micro-controller
  • FPGA
  • High-performance analogue converters
  • Galvanic isolators
Patched linux-based software solutions
  • real-time Xenomai
  • preempt RT
  • fast boot


The company

GERAL, the right technology adapted to customer specifications.

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