for environments subject to normative constraints

GERAL’s greatest strength is that it has been designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic sub-assemblies for all industrial activity sectors for over 40 years, including for environments subject to normative constraints.

As we have developed over the years, we have tackled industrial challenges capitalising on our know-how in:

  • EMC,
  • impact and vibration resistance,
  • extreme temperatures,
  • watertightness,
  • specific standards (ATEX NF FM UL),

enabling us to operate in a variety of fields

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The GERAL business model is to offer production design packages, as we consider this to be the most effective from a technical and economic point of view for the “bespoke” market.

Most of the price of a product is decided during the design phase and GERAL offers and is committed to providing optimised design/production packages to suit your technical expectations and your market.

  • Instrumentation & control,
  • Power,
  • Motor control,
  • Packaging,
  • Design,
  • Mechanical and connector kits to interface with the equipment contributing to reducing the turnaround time during integration into your equipment

are developed and mass-produced specifically for your application.

Our proposals are based on vast technical expertise

  • Digital and analogue electronics,
  • Power electronics,
  • Electrotechnical equipment,
  • Pneumatics,
  • Multi-platform software development,
  • Display technologies
  • Communication bus


The company

GERAL, the right technology adapted to customer specifications.

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