Electrical boards, Cabinets, Boxes and Panels, Test beds, Instrumentation bays: equipment important to safety and unrated equipment, according to RCCE, IEEE, KTA, IEC61513

GERAL provides electrical and process equipment for new builds and plant revamping in the nuclear sector:

  • Cabinets, boxes and panels rated as equipment important to safety
  • Approved cabinets and boxes (K1, K2, K3 RCCE, or other)
  • Cabinets and boxes for exterior installation
  • Watertight cabinets and boxes
  • Cabinets and instrumentation bays rated as equipment important to safety
  • Special test beds
  • Electronic board retrofits

Specific, high added-value services:

  • Safety study (FMECA)
  • Mechanical design and modelling (Solidworks)
  • Finite element calculation (Ansys)
  • Electrical design (See Electrical, Eplan, Autocad, Caneco)
  • Sizing study and thermal modelling (Solidworks Flow Simulation)
  • EMC study and recommendation (according to NF EN 61000)
  • Equipment qualification (according to applicable standard)
  • Qualification maintenance
  • Functional testing and integration
  • Dedicated project platforms
  • Burning in
  • MCO (Maintenance of Continuous Operating Conditions), Equipment obsolescence management,
  • Stocking of critical components
  • Integration of GERAL specialists into the customer’s technical teams

Teams dedicated to nuclear projects and fully conversant with regulations and procedures:

  • RCC-E (Electrical Equipment Construction and Design Regulation Collation), IEEE, KTA, IEC
  • SGAQ EDF (EDF general specification for quality assurance) or specifics
  • Management of QCA (Quality-controlled activities), or AIP (activities that are important for protection)
  • Qualification procedures
  • Seismic and environmental constraints

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment in nuclear installations in France and internationally in conjunction with ARDATEM, another member of the Gérard PERRIER Industrie Group. ARDATEM possesses a wide range of EDF/UTO and CEFRI approvals enabling it to operate in nuclear plants.

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