As industry is in the grip of its 4th revolution, GERAL is your partner to tackle current and future challenges, placing Industry 4.0 at the focus of our relationship.

Latest generation software tools

All our latest generation software tools communicate directly with our automatic production machines (wire feeds, laser cutting, marking).

  • E Plan ProPanel electric CAD
  • Solidworks mechanical CAD

These tools enable us to pre-view our designs in 3D and thus conduct intermediate acceptance testing with our customers on virtual models.

3D scanner

The 3D scanner makes it possible to measure a machine, skid or industrial building with millimetric accuracy in just a few hours.

It is therefore possible from the design phase to:

  • validate the integration of our equipment in its environment,
  • define the optimum electrical routing to facilitate installation.
  • conduct intermediate acceptance testing with our customers with a complete 3D view of the installation

Automatic machines

We possess latest generation equipment dedicated to bespoke manufacture and small production runs:

  • automated machines for the manufacture of wiring harnesses and cables;
  • laser machines for fine sheet metal machining, etc.

These machines revolutionise the panel builder profession and give us a key competitive advantage, even with regard to low-cost countries

Digital twin

We possess a latest generation software workshop enabling:

  • digitisation of the machine or installation
  • direct connection of the simulator to the I/O bus: HIL + SIL
  • programmable dynamic reactions
  • functionality regression testing
  • the creation of automated scenarios
  • importation of CAD files

These tools can also be used for upstream operator training.

Industry 4.0, the driving force in our relations


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